May 18, 2017

My Essential Item for Last Minute Trips

This post was sponsored by Holiday Gems.

Okay, so by now you probably know that I LOVE travelling. Well, picture me with a for-once healthy looking bank account and facing lots of lovely lovely Easter flight sales. We all know what happened next. I clicked book for a last minute trip and I was so excited…until I realised the flight left in 2 weeks.

Now, I’m possibly the most organised person you will ever meet. As such, the idea of not having time to spend sorting what to take and generally planning my trip was slightly terrifying. I accepted that forgetting things was somewhat inevitable, but I did have a few tricks up my sleeve. Multi-functional items are a LIFESAVER. My all time #1 essential item has to be a large scarf/sarong as it can be used in basically any holiday situation that you may encounter. I’m just going to give you a few examples so you get where I’m coming from…

The Flight

I don’t know about you, but when a flight gets over the 2-3 hour mark and starts straying into mid-haul territory, I start getting a little bit fidgety. A flight to somewhere like Turkey is a bit too long to spend just reading a magazine or listening to music so I often find myself drifting off for a nap. A travel pillow is one of those things that always seems like a great idea but we never want to be seen using or actually remember to pack, but in my experience a scarf or sarong will work just as well and look a little less silly! Roll it up, put it behind your head, against the wall of the plane or on your neighbour’s shoulder and you’re all good to go for a headache-free, neckache-free nap.

If you’re a bit more prepared and actually have a travel pillow then a sarong will also work great as an eye mask if it’s a little bit bright inside the plane!

Last Minute packing of Flight Carry-On


I also happen to be one of the millions of people that thought a black suitcase was a good idea, so finding mine on the luggage carousel is always bit of a mission. Tying something like a ribbon or luggage strap onto your case comes in super handy when finding it the other end but if you happen to forget, tie on a sarong and problem solved!


Sarong to Identify Suitcase

Beach Days

The Algarve, the Balearic Islands and the Spanish coast are some of the top beach holiday destinations that we flock to each year. Although, if you’re anything like me I’m betting you’ve been on a beach holiday and forgotten a beach towel before now (you know hotels have that lovely rule of no towels to the beach?). Sound familiar? Just chuck down a sarong and sunbathe away! Works just the same as a towel but dries SO much faster and is SO much lighter. Not to mention you can use it to cover up any bits of you that are getting a littttttle bit too pink in the sun or wrap up your valuables to hide them or stop them getting all sandy!


Save the shoulders

Living in England, we’re never guaranteed nice weather in the summer, or at least nothing over 25 degrees for more than the odd day or two. As such, many of us run straight for the first destination we see that has a hot and sunny summer forecast. Now, places like Greece and the Mediterranean that are a bit more used to this climate are also a bit more set up for it, cue chilly aircon.

The number of times I’ve gone out in a hot country with a super light, strappy summer dress on, only to find myself freezing in an air-conditioned restaurant is quite frankly laughable. In situations like this, a sarong will roll up small enough to fit in your bag but not have the bulk of a cardigan and you can easily throw it round your shoulders to keep the chill away. Another bonus is that if like me, you turn into something reminiscent of a lobster at the first sight of sun, you can also use the sarong to shelter your shoulders and play it off as part of your outfit. It’s a win win in my book!

Sarong to Protect Shoulders

Sold on a sarong being your #1 thing to pack? Good. A little bit less worried about the prospect of forgetting some beach holiday essentials? Perfect.

So, it is nearly summer and I imagine you’re all getting a bit excited about the prospect of a summer holiday. If you haven’t got anything planned already and are looking for a last minute bargain or just fancy being a bit spontaneous then Holiday Gems have your summer sun sorted with their fab late deals (which you can find here)!

Their prices are super competitive and they’ve got a great range of destinations on offer including all those mentioned above.

Last minute trips don’t need to be stressful, you don’t need to go shopping for every travel sized cosmetics bottle or a small pack away beach towel, just book and go with the flow!

The sarong was gifted to me by Holiday Gems for the purpose of this post however, as always all views are my own. You can find Holiday Gems on their website, Facebook or Twitter.

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