New Year, New Blog

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HELLO, 2018. New Year, New Blog and all that jazz.

I guess you could say this has been a long time coming. I’m back typing and snapping away and I’ve never felt happier about it, but I think I’d better explain myself.

I haven’t posted on here since way back in October, for a few different reasons, the first of which is university. I absolutely love working on the blog and creating, but university has to be my priority for now. First term was mainly for me to understand my workload and to find out if/when I’d be able to squeeze in some blog post writing. For now, I think I’ve come up with a better plan for next term so with any luck I’ll be back on the blog on a much more frequent basis.

The second reason for my absence was because all I could think about was a re-brand. It’s been exactly a year since I first started blogging over on TICKETSANDTRAVELS.CO.UK and after a fun year and a lot of lessons learnt, it’s time for a change. With university came the realisation that travelling is unfortunately, for the time-being, not going to be a major part of my life. However, I was 100% sure that I wanted to keep on writing and start writing about other things too! It just made sense in my head to self-name the blog and write about whatever takes my fancy.

I don’t like the feeling of being pigeon-holed and for some reason, writing about general life bits and bobs on Tickets and Travels made me feel funny.

Look to the Future Illustration


Basically, just more posts about more topics. There’s still going to be travel guides and itineraries  (like this Edinburgh guide!) popping up, but I’m going to have some lifestyle, general musings and maaaaaybe (if I’m brave) some fashion-y/beauty kinda bits making their way into the mix too. My theme is still the same so you should be pretty familiar with finding your way around, there’s probably just going to be some new “Shop the Post” type features popping up here and there so you can see exactly what I’ve been loving.

I’ve also had a change of social media handles too, unfortunately they don’t quite all match (I tried my best!) but it’s quite hard to match your usernames when you seem to have the most common name in the universe. Thanks, parents.

Twitter and Instagram: _CharBrown

So, welcome to CHARLOTTE-BROWN.COM, enjoy!