8 Ways My Relationship Has Made Me a Better Person

I’ve been in a relationship for over a year now (a whole year?!), and in that time I feel like I’ve become a much better and vastly different person. Although, when I say changed, I don’t at all mean that I’ve changed specifically for Jack. Any ways in which I’ve changed have been completely natural, these aren’t changes that I’ve forced upon myself to become his ‘perfect human’ or anything like that (I’m very big on staying true to yourself, if someone doesn’t like you for you then get outta there, girl).

In my opinion, in any good and healthy relationship, you’ll help each other to grow and become better versions of yourselves, but without becoming entirely dependent on one another. Over the last year, as I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve grown massively and a lot of this has been down to my relationship. Some of these changes are 100% down to the relationship itself while others are kinda secondary, as you’ll see.

1. I’m more selfless

I feel like this one is definitely to be expected. Before I met Jack I’d never been in a relationship, so I was pretty used to just thinking about #1 and cracking on with my own life. However, as soon as you have a partner in your life you have to learn to think about their needs as well as your own, and in some instances even make them a priority over yourself.

2. I’m more adventurous

I didn’t even realise this one until I sat down and started thinking about it. This may sound weird, but for me the best example of this has to be my attitude towards food. Since meeting Jack I’ll happily eat any new foods that I come across, and more often than not go out of my way to do so, when I was originally much more cautious.

I’d 100% class myself as a foodie now and it’s become one of the things that I love most about travelling!

3. I’ve become more driven and ambitious

Since being in a relationship, I now think of myself as part of a team. One of the biggest things about this mind-set is that I constantly want to push myself to do better, in order to make the future the best that I can for not only myself, but for us as a couple.

Plus, having Jack as my number 1 cheerleader gives me a good ol’ kick up the ass when I need it.

4. I’m more responsible

This one goes fairly closely with my first point about being selfless. As a single gal I just floated about doing whatever I fancied, on my own timescale, whereas now I have to take a lot more responsibility for myself. If I say I’m gonna be there at 8, I’ll damn sure get there at 8, and leave extra time to make sure that I am.

5. I’m way better at managing my time

Following on from the point above, I just take timings a lot more seriously now. As well as this, most weekends I’m either at Jack’s or down at his university in London with him, so I’ve given myself much more of a routine in order to manage my time (full post on this coming soon).

I’m at uni full-time so Monday to Friday is a 9-5 working week, regardless of my lectures (no waking up at 10 am here!). This just means that I can have my weekends completely free to have proper quality time with Jack without having to worry about assignments/lecture notes. I think that us being in a somewhat long-distance relationship during term time has played a big part in this, as the time we have together is much more precious.

6. I’ve become much more grateful

I wake up literally every morning and feel like the luckiest person on Earth. Even if I’m ill or in a bad mood, I just can’t help but think how lucky I am to have someone that cares for me and genuinely wants the best for me when others, for whatever reason, may not.

7. I’ve learnt to celebrate the achievements of others

Being in a relationship, I’m automatically my boyfriend’s number one cheerleader. I think I genuinely get more excited about any good news in Jack’s life than he does!

8. I’ve learnt how to compromise

Deciding where to order from on Deliveroo isn’t always easy, okay?